For 174 years of ministry (175 years in 2017), FUMC has been committed to making disciples.  We will continue to do that by our existing ministry and by creating new opportunities for people to grow in their faith. As we head into the rapidly changing future, our church is requiring new ministries to reach persons for Christ in the community. In 2012, a visioning team was formed to do a demographic study of our zip code and surrounding communities to identify ministry opportunities for the future.  That Team identified children, youth, persons with special needs, health initiatives, missions, and spiritual growth opportunities as needs to be met in our community.

In 2014, a building team was formed to begin identifying the type of facility that was needed to house the ministries recommended by the visioning team. Over the winter and spring months of 2016, the Building Team met with the FUMC ministry leaders and congregation members. The result of these meetings was a design of new spaces and a redesign of existing spaces that would meet the needs of FUMC’s existing and future ministries.

As we continue the existing ministries of FUMC and discover new ministries to reach our community, we are committed to being “Grounded in Faith…Growing to Serve”. We need to grow together as a church and in our ministries for our community. We ask that you sacrificially give to this campaign, supporting the Visioning and Ministry project of FUMC. Every person of our church is valued and needed for us to fulfill this project. Together we can continue to be “Grounded in Faith…Growing to Serve” in our ministries, which will make an impact upon our community and beyond.